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Which is typically what wine shall I have tonight?  The answer came quite easy.  I had the Riesling again.

It’s been a bit of a long day.  Got up at 6:30am and waited for the A/C guys to come in and replace my A/C unit.  I honestly didn’t think it would take them 6 hours to do it.  Most of my Friday was shot by the time they left.  I think it’s also the reason why I’m so tired this evening.  I’m seriously having a Bridgette Jones night.  I’m drinking my wine, attempting to write (only 500 words so far) in between History 2’s marathon of Ancient Aliens.  I’m seriously addicted to this show.  Perhaps I’m just fascinated with the ever changing coif that is Giorgio Tsoukalos’s hair.  I hypothesize it has its own ancient planetary system that is breeding new life as we speak.  If I was still single, I would be hiding under the covers, head covered in tin foil, baseball bat in one hand, bottle of wine in the other.  But I’m over that.  Bridgette grew up.  As did I.

I was ready for a nap at 6pm, but I carried on.  It’s because we didn’t sleep well last night, with the broken A/C and the loud NASA sized cooler in our bedroom.  I would like to fully blame that if I could.  Believe me, it’s a sad existence that I’m ready for bed before midnight on a Friday night.  My fiancé is sleeping soundly beside me, having passed out a good hour ago.  I think he got even less sleep than me last night.   I occasionally lean over and give him kisses on the forehead.  I don’t need acknowledgement when I do it.  I just like it.  Then I go back to my notebook, and write of my hero who looks nothing like him.

So, wine being drunk, novel being written, ancient existence of aliens being pondered.  Fighting the urge to track down Giorgio Tsoukalos and combing his hair.

Happy Friday night,