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Well, I guess I can say this experiment proved as much as I thought it would.  It’s safe to say I had a bad Wine & Write this year.  I do fine on a small scale, when I don’t have to commit extra blogging time to my writing and drinking.  Yes, I know, I haven’t updated in 3 weeks.  I am happy to report I still wrote every day in October.  Drinking? Eh, not so much.

Now I have a blog that was meant to highlight my drinking and writing in the month of October and keep me thus motivated, and the month is over.  So, what do I do the other 11 months of the year?  November has been and always will be dedicated to my camping and debaucherous ways at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  That won’t change.  However, other good can come out of the rest of the months.  Every month will be dedicated to Wining and Writing.  I’ll still blog when I try out new wines.  I’ll blog when I hit milestones in my writing.  I was asked to write a story for an anthology supporting cemeteries in New Orleans and I still have a wine kit to start after Thanksgiving.  I see fun and productive times on the horizon.  

By the way, I’ve noticed I have a great number of visitors from India!  I’m happy to see I’m reaching out and making an international connection.  As always, I’m always open to feedback.  Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride!

In the meantime, Sláinte and see you in a few weeks.