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Betcha thought I gave up on all this?  Not a chance.

I admit, when I added a second dimension of blogging to my already busy October Wine & Write, I didn’t realize dementia would actually follow.   I’m crazy sometimes when I take on new projects and I always approach it at a highly organized level of unorganized glory.  I kinda had a feeling starting off I would  have trouble getting around to the daily blogging like I expected, but I’m a trooper so I played it out to see how well I would do.  Eh, didn’t turn out quite so well after the fifteenth day.  However, blogging aside, my true goals are ALWAYS met, and that is the writing.  I’ve still hit my daily goal of writing every day and in the end that’s the accomplishments I love to brag about.   Yet, aside from that, I’ve also hit a few other milestones this week that I don’t mind bragging about either.  May not seem like much, but they are big to me, so I’ll list a few here.

Rob's Home BrewFirst, my fiancé, Rob, is a bit of a home brewer.  His thing is mead.  He loves to drink it, and he loves to brew it.  It’s one of the few alcoholic drinks he actually likes.  He’s not into beers, not into hard liquors and he gladly leaves the wine to me.  I’m proud to say he’s come a long way from where he started last year with combining odd ingredients to get mead.  He was literally the Frankenstein of Mead Brewing world (at least in our house).  But a year of practice and a year of expensive honey down the drain, he has just about perfected his art of brewing mead.  And when I say perfected, I mean I can actually sit down and drink it.  Wine snob that I am, I am quite fond of what he’s been coming up with as of late.  As much of a non-expert novice wine snob aficionado that I am, I am even less of a mead aficionado.  I’ve tried a few brands at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where drunken revelers like myself like to dress up and pretend we’re in the middle ages.  It makes for a fun day.  But I never thought I would drink it on a daily basis.  This new stuff that Rob brewed I could.  So I dedicate this evening’s Wine & Write to Rob’s Hooch Sweet Mead.  It’s sweet, but not too sweet.  It’s fizzy, which he still doesn’t know how that bit happened other than the fact he followed the recipe to the T.  And after half a bottle I started feeling the effects.  He gaged it at about 12-13% alcohol, which is pretty comparable to wine.  Half a 12 oz. bottle gave me the same effects as a glass of wine, so I say spot on.  He now has about 38 bottles of the stuff, so I think it’s going to be a good faire season this year.

Virgin notebook primed for an inky sacrifice.  Second, I finished a notebook.  I am currently dedicated to a specific kind of 300 page spiral notebook that I can only find at Barnes & Noble.  It’s a comfortable size, 22 lines to the page front and back, good paper stock and not to mention, at 300 pages, I can knock out a pretty good chunk of writing with it.  I just finished the second one, which I began on Oct. 23rd, 2012.  A full year is not a bad pace, although I am striving to get quicker at it.  Being that I’m not working right now, I’m sure the next notebook will fill a little quicker.  Perhaps that should be my next goal to blog about.  I like to think I’m up for the challenge.   And I accept, as long as I can keep the carpal tunnel at bay just a little while longer.    Also, being that this is the 2nd notebook and I’m almost at the halfway mark, I’m guessing the novel is going take me 4 notebooks to complete.  Yes, I do all my original writing by hand (hence, the carpal tunnel) and then edit, edit, edit.  I find the thoughts and ideas flow better when I don’t have a computer to distract me (i.e. facebook, blogs, the best of dog shaming, etc)  So, here’s to a new fresh virginal notebook that I will fill with all manners of literary greatness.


featuring Wendy C. Williford. Don’t forget the “C”

And third, my 6th story, The Righteous and The Wicked, which appears in Sanitarium Magazine and released on Kindle last week is now available for paperback purchase.  I’ve ordered a few copies for my mom so I can’t wait to see what the printed copy looks like.  And being that they corrected my name (a lot of editors leave out my middle initial.  I wonder if Tolkien had this problem?), I am even more excited to hock it about town.  So if you’re interested, check it out.  Write a review.  Help my name get around.  With any luck I can make a career out of this, or at least make a little money to support my fiancé’s mead making hobby.  Either way, we all win and we’ll all be happy.

In the meantime, cheers and Sláinte!