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The last two days have been rather uneventful, to say the least.  I’ve been gearing up for a visit from my mom this weekend for our combined birthdays.  She turns 70 and I turn 28 for the XXth time in a row.   It’s true, I get odd stares as people make the connection of how can a 70-year-old have such a young-looking daughter.  I just tell them I was a late in life child (which isn’t far off).  There’s also scientific proof that the age difference is why she has such an awesomely talented daughter. (I know a scientist who will claim that if I give him enough alcohol).

All that aside, my last couple of days have been filled with pretty mundane stuff.  I’ve been cleaning my house for my mom’s arrival, drinking my wine and writing in the evenings.  Yesterday I got about 800 words done and tonight I think I got about 500.  This weekend will be slim, in writing.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my waistline.  But, my goal is always the same.  I will write every day no matter what outside activities I have planned.  That’s my commitment to myself.  Not to mention, I’m almost finished with the 3rd chapter in my goal.

You know, I’m just now realizing I’m lying about most of this.  In between all the mundane stuff I’ve been dealing with, I did receive a notice from http://sanitariummagazine.com/ magazine that they picked up one of my stories to publish in a few weeks!  So yay and more on that later 🙂

Much happiness will come from this.So, there we go.  Exciting stuff to break up my mundane existence today.  In closing, I will say good night until Sunday, but I will leave a sneak peek topic of future blog posts.  This is my birthday present from my fiancé.  Yep, that’s a wine making kit.  He ordered a Riesling kit to go along with it and it just hasn’t come in yet.  So, I’m quite sure I’ll be starting on this in the next week or two.  Sláinte indeed!