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Well, not really.  When I drink alcohol, especially wine, I know it has good alcohol content because I start feeling hot all over, to the point I really, REALLY want to take my shirt off.  The same effect comes from hard liquors and other spirits, but not nearly the same as wine, more specifically Riesling.

My mother welcoming me into the world.  I would be another 21 years before I discover wine.

My mother welcoming me into the world. It would be another 21 years before I discover wine.

I’m still recovering from the weekend.  Having the mother ship stay with me for 3 days does take its toll on me.  In the evenings when I finally get a little time to myself I have to decide if I spend my last hour awake working on the novel or blogging.  Sorry, but writing the novel will get my vote each time.  Hence, this blog update coming a few days late.

I really do love my mom.  She raised my brothers and me the best she knew how and I consider us pretty well-adjusted adults – Well-adjusted adults who like to DRINK!  As soon as my brother drops her off, we are throwing down shots and mixing whatever cocktails I have in my modest liquor cabinet.  I didn’t get much wine consuming done, but I did have lots of shots of Frangelico, Cuba Libres, more buttery nipples, mead and we dared my mom to try the Ouzo we can’t get rid of.  Other than a nice birthday dinner and a little shopping, I had a somewhat mundane weekend.

Despite having birthday celebrations and my momz around, I managed to get about 1200 words written on Saturday night.  It was also the night that I finished the 3rd chapter of my 9 chapter goal.  It was pretty awesome stuff.  Last night I got started on the 4th and managed to get about 900 words out of the way.  Still pretty proud if I do say so myself.

Yum, healthy eats!

Yum, healthy eats!

Tonight was the night I attempted to get a few things back to normal.  I prepared a pretty decent meal for my fiancé and myself of tilapia fish with steamed beans and topped it off with a nice glass of Riesling.  This is the Riesling I really like.  It’s called Hogue Late Harvest Riesling.  It’s very sweet indeed.  I usually use about a cup of it to marinade my fish with (along with lemon juice, olive oil, rosemary, salt & pepper).  The flavor that the marinade brings out in the fish combined with sips of the wine in between bites is like a party in my mouth.  It’s what wine and food pairings is all about.  Yes, I know I’m still a novice at this, but when I find something that works I like to stick with it.  I’m not a goddess in the kitchen like I am with my writings, but I do try.  Afterward, I get to settle in with 2 shows I’ve recently become addicted to: Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist.  What can I say, James Spader has been making me squishy in the nether region for 2 decades already and the 20-teens aren’t much different.

After posting this blog, I will slip into my P.J.s (or maybe not, the Riesling is still working.  Or maybe it’s James Spader) and get down to some more writing tonight.  My goal tonight is 1000.  I’m quite confident I’ll hit it.

In the meantime, Sláinte and goodnight!